How do I choose a Newborn Photographer in Sherman, Texas?

How do I choose a newborn photographer in Sherman, Texas?

Well, I am going to guess that you have done your research on everything having to do with your pregnancy and new bundle of joy from that oh so troublesome indigestion down to the latest and greatest carseat.  I know I did!  I researched everything from Pediatricians to breast pumps and burp cloths. But aside from all the things that you are putting on your registry, one thing parents need to research is the investment of newborn photography.

Photography is an investment that lasts a lifetime. More than a lifetime, generations.  And your newborn photographer is one of the very first people outside of your immediate family that will come in contact with your new baby. For these reasons, here are a few things to look for in a photographer.

Has he/she received special in-person training on photographing newborns from industry leaders? Ask how long your photographer has been in business.  And I mean in real business (paying taxes and insurance business).  Anyone can  watch a youtube video on newborn photography.  If you truly want the best, you want to find a photographer who has mentored in person with other newborn photographers and learned hands on the tricks of the trade and continues to further their education. Membership in Professional Photographers of America and  becoming a Certified Professional Photographer is the industry standard by which professional photographers can achieve and maintain a recognizable mark of excellence.

Is he/she up to date on the latest vaccines such as flu and TDAP? Newborn portraits are usually taken within 5-10 days after birth.  This is a crucial time for baby as they have no immune system.  Your Dr. has probably already had you and your family get your vaccines.  You need to make sure your photographer has too.

Has he/she received emergency infant CPR training? None of us want to think of the worst case scenario, but if it were to happen, has your photographer been trained?

Newborns require extra patience and gentle hands.  Is the photographer skilled in these areas and able to calm babies and gently transition them into position?

Does his/her portfolio match with the look you want? Does the photographer you are considering do the type of work you love?

What types of products do they offer? Don’t be shy about setting up a consultation with your photographer.  Most, will gladly meet with you to discuss your wants, needs and concerns.  This is also a great time to see what they offer as far as products.

What about price? And finally we arrive at what so often is the deciding factor for many people.  Having a baby is expensive.  But when you are researching newborn photographers, just remember that you are putting your child in someone’s hands. Please make sure that those hands are qualified and will able to meet your expectations. The photographs you end up with will last generations to come.

I would love to talk with you about your upcoming newborn portrait session and schedule a free consultation.  Contact Courtney Mitchell Photography here to set up an appointment and see if we are the right fit for your newborn photography needs.



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